The Owners

Rose Turner, RN
I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and finished my nursing degree in Houston, Texas. I am a registered nurse with 22 years of nursing experience. I worked at MD Anderson Hospital for 14 years and was a case manager at Memorial Herman Hospital for 3 years. I was introduced into the home health arena while working at MD Anderson and have been in the field since that time.

2nd Owner - Dana Baker
Human Resources Director

3rd Owner - Regan Baker

Testimonies from Patient Satisfaction Survey

“Very pleased with agency and staff that visits. Everyone feels like extended family to us. Everyone
is genuinely concerned about Mom and her progress and call regularly to check on her. Patricia,
Mom’s home care nurse, is awesome! She interacts with Mom as if she were her mother, very caring
and kind. Could not ask for a better agency to oversee Mom’s health care needs.”

C. W.

“I appreciate all of the care and kindness they always try to help with everything I ask of them.”

J. L.